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Global Circle Connections Event, Productions & Promotions.

Specializing Connecting Services, People, Groups, Busineses & Events

Contact us Now to discuss Your Options for Promotion of Your Services, Events and or Business In and around New Zealand, Locally or Nationally, even Internationally. Take the grunt work out of getting Your Name out there, and let us do the Promotion for you. From a simple Campaign for your latest project to a major outline to expand your horizons globally. We can offer Image design, Logo and Banner Creation through to a website to be proud of.

Take the Next Step. No project too small, we love to get the Local businesses, Cottage Industries and yes Your name out there, we are not just for big Business, Join us from your home business, social media promotions no matter the size. One man/woman enterprise? no worries let us give you a promotions team to back you up at unbeatable rates any pocket can achieve!

Wide range of services!

Covering all methods of Communication and interaction through the wildest publication of your services and events we will offer the globe - Education through information. Development through sharing. Interaction through Listening. Resources through reading. As we include our Partners in all aspects of our Services and theirs within ours.

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Brought together by Global Circle Connections Ltd: Events Promotions and Productions NZ

Founded and Sponsored by Spiritualists Online Network & Lyceum. Teaching Online Since 2002: TEACHING SPIRITUAL AWARENESS, DEVELOPMENT, ATTAINMENT. IMPARTING KNOWLEDGE, THOUGHTS, IDEAS TO INSPIRE. One Site. Linking a Whole Network of Spiritually Informative, Educational & Interactive Services. Encompassing Every Faith, Path, Walk, Religion, as One.
SOC Radio: Brings you quality , diverse Spiritual Shows - Daily - With Hosts from around the globe!

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