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Julie Simpson

"Spirit's Medium"

Julie Soc is Owner & founding member of Global Circle Connections, when first starting out online Julie found little to no help in getting her name out on the web. Which Inspired her to help others to do so via Various Websites including Global Circle Connections, Visions Coalition and her Continued work on Spiritualists Online Network & Lyceum.

A Mother, Partner, & Spiritualist Medium, Julie is known across the Globe for her dedication to each. Having worked within many fields, turning professional focusing on her Mediumship - Julie says "is the 3rd best thing in her Life - after her Son and Her Partner."

SOC Retreat

Oamaru "Spirit's Academy

LaunchedApril 2017

Services Mediumship: Web sites / Radio Stations / Lyceum

We highly recommend her services and can guarentee her integrity and inginuity in all areas she offers

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    Julie Simpson.

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    Internationally recognised Clairvoyant and Psychic Medium.

    I'm a Spirit Medium, Teacher and Counsellor: My Faith is Spiritualism. It is a way of life. It is my work. Spiritualism is NOT for - or - an entertainment! I am a Medium and Proud of it , I am not for - or - an entertainment!

    Spiritualism started as a movement to share with all the natural abilities we all have and to share the knowledge of Spirit. To bring to all the knowledge and sharing of Spirit, to be able to learn and understand that we are all of Spirit, that Life continues beyond the physical existence. I'm restarting that Movement, Putting the Spirit back in Spiritualism. For it be recognised as a Faith, a way of life and that that my job and all those who chose Spiritualism as a way of life and their right to work within it is valid! SPIRITUALISM IS NOT FOR ENTERTAINMENT I AM A MEDIUM! NOT AN ENTERTAINER! no christian/catholic/muslim/or other minister/worker nor any Father Priest Nun or exponent of any other Faith or religion or any member of them , has to declare themselves or their faith to be for entertainment! NOR Will I ! Ever again accept such a degrading of my Faith! Nor am I affiliated with any organisation church or other that accepts such a law or other that calls a Faith entertainment

    Read on if your able to accept Me and my Faith ,,,,

    I Connect to Guides and Your Loved Ones, provide evidence that Life is Eternal, that we live on in Spirit and its merely the physical life we shed! The Evidence is in the Messages Only YOU can confirm and accept, Let the Evidence do the talking. That Comes from Spirit I am but the messenger. "Taught by Spirit guides from young age. Living with Spirit as part of my family and life is as natural to me as breathing. I have watched my daughter grow up in Spirit and learned from Family as my guides and wish to share their knowledge and gifts with all." I am also a Psychic Tutor: I can help you learn and understand your Own abilities, and working with Your Sixth Sense of Intuition and Natural Psychic Knowledge. To then further develop Mediumship Please Ask me for your Chance to Develop.. I do not do predictions nor use tarot card or tools for focus as many others do , I connect directly with Spirit and Loved ones who've passed over, to connect and answer your questions. Working with Guides and Spirit I offer : Mediumship: (Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognisence.) Personal & Spiritual Counselling, to enhance and enable understanding, knowledge and choices in your life. I work also with Spiritual Healing, Psychometry, Meditation and Development of Intuitive and Spiritual abilities.

    I am now also working intensely with Missing Persons Cases and Have had success in Murder Investigations, though I do not seek this work, Spirit have chosen that i do offer such information and confirmation that they can provide. Spirit are NOT here to tell you how to run you life but to enhance it with knowledge guidance and love continued form our physical life. Do not ask will my loved one return but how can i learn the lessons from that experience to move on to the next and not make the same errors again. Ask how may i help others and myself not why does my bf love me they i love him ,,, I do not condone consecutive readings over and over, Life is for Living, Spirit are here to help, guide, and teach us, not to determine nor tell us what to do but to allow us the knowledge and sharing with which to make our own decisions. More often what is shared from Spirit is merely a confirmation of that which is and always has been within us. Its not the questions we ask that require answers but more the answers we seek which we already have and simply are remembering or recalling through asking those questions.

    "As Spirit Spans the Faiths, So do I"

    Sharing the gifts of mediumship. healing and the power of prayer. Guided by the 7 principles of Spiritualism as my base and the 12 Principles of oneness. Joining all paths in Love, Respect and Honour, so we may live together in Spirit, as ONE

    My Favorite Quote "A spiritual group may study share experiences and focus universal energy towards a common goal. Yet the spiritual journey is always done in solitude for each person can only proceed from the perspective they alone possess" (Throw in the Tao--Wildhorses)