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Angela Barrows Joins our Clientelle

Angela Is Currently a Regular Host on our SOC Radio Shows. Item Name
Along with her Own Empowerment Radio Show.
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We highly recommend her services, looking forward to along and prosperous future for all

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    At her Up coming Event at the SOC Retreat. Oamaru Item Name

    Angel Barrows: Empowerment Coach and Spiritual Guide.

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    Internationally recognised Clairvoyant and Psychic Medium.

    Angela Barrows: I AM COMMITTED to Guiding &Supporting you to take back control of your life & live an empowered life
    I empower you to transform, break down unwanted habits, limiting beliefs and coach you to have the life you want to have.

    Angela Barrows is considered by many to be a leading global expert in personal empowerment and spiritual development.
    She is the Founder and host of "The Empowerment Show" , Master Trainer and Founder of The Soul Pattern.

    Business Owner/Host at The Empowerment Show, Director at The Empowerment Show and Empowerment Coach and Spiritual Guide at The Empowerment Coach - Angela Barrows Spiritual Coaching

    You are a spiritual being. Understanding how to integrate your spiritual self with your human self in live in alignment in all areas of life. Relationship Coaching
    Understand the dynamics behind attraction and how it all works. Are you single, looking for love, or in a relationship which has lost its sparkle. Health and Fitness
    Without good health, you have nothing. Good health is essential for your enjoyment of life, but great health will help you achieve so many more of your dreams. Life Coaching
    Strip away your limitations so you can realize and fulfill your dreams. Start to retrain your mind to obtain self empowerment