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Jody Morrion is Psychic Medium, Life Path Reader

Jody is also Co Owner of our Spiritualists Online Network & Lyceum Site
Also a Host on SOC Radio with The Spirit Weavers Show.
We highly recommend her services and can guarentee her integrity and inginuity in all areas she offers

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    Jody is Co Owner and a Teacher in Spiritualists Online Network and Lyceum

    Her Specialities are Dream Interpretation, Co Created Writing alongside Helping others develop their Psychic and Mediumship abilities.

    Jody Morrison

    As co-owner of and in private practice, I work daily with my guides, inspirers, and those in spirit. With their help, I teach, demonstrate, and share the many ways we can deepen our connections to spirit, to self, and to others. As a Spiritualist, all of my background in humanistic psychology, transpersonal psychology, meditation, healing, dream work, etc are but the tools we can use to express ourselves more fully.

    There is NO ONE WAY to evolve and develop. There are as many ways as there are people, each off us having our own unique journey. I invite you to join me in discovering and deepening your own.

    We are all one deeply and profoundly interconnected whole. As each of us evolves and develops, all of us are enriched. It is my joy and my passion to play a part in this. Every one of us is psychic and an increasing number of us are sensing the reality of spirit and the continuation of life beyond the physical.

    I am deeply committed to assisting all who wish on this journey we call physical life. Working with the discomforts inherent in daily living (personal development) IS spiritual development. We are, after all, spiritual beings having a physical experience.

    Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It IS the universe. Anything that removes us from that experience (fear, grief, anger, doubt, etc) is the "stuff" of our on-going growth. The most dangerous disease known to humans is amnesia, forgetting who we really are.

    It is the work of my life to help all who wish, to heal and to grow into that remembering