Time to Breathe

The Retreat Recreational Grounds - Campsite & Motor Park

Refocus at the SOC Retreat?

The place to clear your mindset , about Life, about why you are here, what is it that inspires you and how you can achieve your purpose. Leaving behind the constraints of society and the mundane routine that loses your identity in the mist of rules, regulation and expectation.

Our Camp Grounds and Motorpark offers Powered and None Powered Sites for your break away, overnight stay or short/long term Park up. At Rates per vehickle rather than persons, we offer a great place to relax on your journey around NZ.

Home BNB is on offer with a 5 single bed Dorm or a Semi Private Double Dorm for the Couple. Again at Rates from $40 per night. Set on a Mezzenine floor within the 100 year old Church, this is a unique place to spend a night or 3.

Various Events bring to you all manner of workshops, enlightenment, inspiration, answers that remind you of the possibilities we can all strive to attain. Pop in for an hour, a chat and coffee or stay a while, bring your knowledge to share with others, camp in the grounds or park up and simply enjoy the breath of the countryside. The place to breathe, the place to refocus or the place to learn, all ages, all faiths, all walks of life. Leave your mark on this life, and let the SOC Retreat help you find the mark that is right for you to achieve.

Part of the Spiritualists Online Network, this Non Profit Retreat hopes to extend friendly honest and reliable services to all our customers. Brought to you by the Global Circle Connections Ltd.

The Dream A Place to Breath!.

A Warm Welcome awaits you at the Old Church on The Weston - Ngapara Highway - Just a short drive from Oamaru. In the beautiful North Otago Region. Opening its doors Once again as a Retreat for all to enjoy and learn to Breath, to just Be, in todays hectic lifestyle. Join us for a relaxing break or even come and help out as you enjoy the quiet country fresh air and take time for You!

Julie & Shane aim to provide a restfull place to just enjoy and reconnect with your inner being, help out in the Grounds, the Raised Flower and Vegetable Gardens or join one of our Development, Meditation, or Spiritual Groups. An International Medium - Julie Simpson will be offering her services and many classes and courses at the Retreat.

Join Us The Place to Grow!.

Also you will find many others from Psychics, to Tarot to Healers of all modalities offering thier services, free classes, courses and more. Along side Spiriutal Fairs and Events, and Wedding Recepetion Venue to name just a few. Conferences for Small groups and Businesses to offer the peace and tranquility of to thier collegues.