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Support The Dream A Retreat for ALL

There are Various ways you can Support the Dream and help us raise the funds required to develop and maintain the Retreat. After 15 years of Spiritualists Online Network, its Staff and Members offering Freely thier services and funds to develop the Network, now we are expanding to open this Retreat, not only Buying the property for all to enjoy for Years to come but to develop the grounds so many more can come and visit and benefit from the services it provides.

Rest Assured our Staff are not sitting waiting on funds coming in from any sourse, but are constantly working to raise more themsleves, as every effort is made to ensure the Dream comes to Fruition. and even beyond our target will continue to pay Mortgage fees, Rates and more, so the Retreat will remain Open for ALL.

Donate Help us to Grow!.

Julie Simpson, Tracy Cooper, Jody Morrison, Demici and Many of our members have over the years donated privatly personal funds to help SOC Grown and Develop.

We are now asking for Help to Grow by Buyng and Maintaining our Lovely Retreat.

Go Fund Me Page

Already 1000s has been provdided through Scholaships on our site in memory of Loved Ones whove been with us, or Privatly to ensure our sites remain online and able to continue our work.
A Rent to Buy agreement is in place and Private funds already in place to help achieve the Dream, but we do need a little help to put down the Deposit and Maintain the Grounds and Church in this initial set up period of four to five months. So we respectfully ask you to Donate how ever little you can Spare.
Every Donation will recieve a Personal Invite and Discount on a visit to the Retreat or our many online Services throughout our Networks, even Free Readings from our Staff of Mediums Healers and Psychic Workers ( ensure your email is valid to recieve this offer). All our site details, history and information can be found at Spiritualists Online Network & Lyceum

If in Doubt - Talk to our Members ask them for their opinions about all the previous fund raising thay also have helped to provide through efforts not onlyf or the site to but to help others in the past via SOC. Click our Go fund Me page link to Donate help us now raise the deposit, develop and maintain
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All Membership fees, Class Fees Course Fees and fund rasing efforts over the past 15 years have and will always go right back into developing the Site and Service that have become a Second Home to So many for over 15 years!